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Open Doors: Women of the Holy Land Tell Their Stories

The stories we tell about our lives become our personal truth—and our identities.

In the Holy Land where Israelis and Palestinians reside in a common land, many share a common history. Here in Open Doors, women from this historic region share the personal details of their lives in their own words. They tell their life stories—and offer us different perspectives of their existence in an area identified as much by conflict and unrest as by religion.

These women vary in age, religion, and educational level. Some are refugees. Some are immigrants coming from different continents, other conflicts and other wars. A few came with only the clothes on their backs, forced to completely rebuild their lives. Others fled their homes at a minute’s notice, staring into the barrel of a machine gun. Yet, each woman’s experience shows a strong connection to this common land.

Journey through the Holy Land to read the stories of these courageous women whose hope, bravery, strength and wisdom show the true beauty and character of this land and the people who reside within its boundaries.

This non-fiction series of interviews with Israeli, Christian and Palestinian women who live in the Holy Land illustrates the daily challenges of those living in Israel and in the West Bank. Recounting the experiences of these women over the past 70 years, the book is a glimpse into the hopes and frustrations of those who abide in a divided land.

Written under the auspices of the non-profit corporation The Pangea Network, the stories are the frank, unedited views of the women interviewed and offer unique perspectives on life in that country.

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